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​MAY 2018 pilot profile: VICKY BENZING 
vicky is profiled in aopa pilot magazine.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE

APR  2018 vicky benzing in the movie "mercury 13" 
vicky flies her stearman in the movie "Mercury 13" now airing on netflix.    

go to the trailer

AUG 2017 california aeronautical university and  VICKY BENZING team up
CAlifornia aeronautical University and VICKY benzing work together to prepare the next generation of aviators.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Jul 2016 vicky benzing on the cover of midwest flyer

vicky benzing, the fastest woman at Reno....  ever!    read the full article

APR 2016 Special chemistry:  vicky benzing and her Stearman

Michael Gallagher profiles vicky for world airshow news.  read the full article

photo by allen ball


MY airshow PLANE

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i love to share my PASSION FOR flying with others!

i am currently offering airshows in my 1940 boeing stearman.  my performance in the stearman is an aerial display of power and grace in the spirit of vintage barnstorming.  

I hope to be bringing my 1944 purple p-51D mustang on-line later this year and plan to offer demos in it to airshows in 2023.

you can find more information about me and MY AIRPLANEs on the pages linked below.  enjoy!